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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Taggin over Tags... Don't do it!

Graffiti, street art, crazy making, whatever you want to call it. There is a code amongst those who do it and live it. Time, effort, scale, is not to be disrespected. It seems that lately many feel that since they are new to the scene or have become "artists" they can tag over your work. Do not do this! Repeat do not this... Its a clear show of disrespect and it will not be well tolerated. Do it once you may get a pass. But do it twice and your work won't last on any wall......

Let's keep it real kings n queens.


  1. Completely agree! its total nonsense with whats going on in the scene. I've been dedicated to my work for the past 15 yrs and never tagged over anyone else. You don't do this ever. Keep it goin Kings n Queens.

  2. Its part of the process. And anyone who thinks otherwise is not being honest. We've all done it and it will happen.

    Your end my beginning and so forth.

  3. mikeams your ridiculous. try to keeping it in perspective. no one wants to see their stuff tagged. let me know how you'd feel 20 cans later, eyes burnin, back numb, and legs aching. then have me come along and do what i do.