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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Year End and Quick Picks

Dear readers,
We decided to cap off the year with your quick picks of artists who are burning up the scene and who we should watch in the New Year. The response was staggering thus we picked two from each city. We hope you enjoy!

Yutaka Makino. Extraordinary work, this young artist hands down received the most votes both from his Germany crowd and elsewhere. His work engages his audience by his multi dimensional use of music.  Usreihe  “Mr. Makino also uses installations and performances to explore the various dimensions of human perception.”

Stephanie Kiwitt. Ms. Kiwitt explores the visual of everyday life.  She works with recognizable imagery in found objects, interior furnishings, spaces, and still life. Galerie b2” Within the setting of interchangeable structures and monotonous urban forms, Kiwitt discloses distinctive situations, in which human presence and action interferes with the urban architecture and public order.”

New York
Carol Bove. We’ve been familiar with Ms. Bove’s work for some time. It was no surprise to see her name come up again and again.  From her carefully structured drawings(Playboy vintage issues 60’s) to the sculptural aspects of her work she is constantly surprising and enthralling the viewer.  “Her work is not nostalgic,” says Shamim M. Momin, “It’s really a way of rethinking [that era’s] failed structures and strategies and examining how they’ve shaped our present.”

David Ellis.  Mr. Ellis’s familial background in his exposure to music is clearly evident in his work.  His work also focuses on the collaborative aspect of making art. All who recommended his work for a shout out referenced his prize winning work at Pulse "True Value (paint fukette)" (2011).  People went crazy for that piece and you will see why check it out on vimeo.

Karl Stevens.  It’s a gross understatement to say Mr. Stevens work is beloved in Boston. He’s been a Boston Phoenix artist/cartoonist since 2008. And he’s also published three books. His work is personal, reflective, and always engrosses the viewer. Comics Reporter “What makes this approach fun as comics is that you get to see those pages as work product, visual narratives themselves like the ones before and after them, or as a way to track what's on the author's mind that breaks with other parts of the story being told.” We applaud his body of work and look forward to more.

Fredo Conde. Mr. Conde's work continues to enthrall New Yorkers and Bostonians alike. His work focuses on the marriage of painting and sculpture in articulating themes of consumerism, faux, and social hierarchy. His briefcase shown at Exit Art filled to the brim with bling watches was a favorite of the curators. Greg Cook “ Bostonian Fredo Conde's sculptures are like portraits of living-large America. There's a glib and shallow feel to Conde's art that perhaps echoes the society it portrays. "Scratch the surface and it's paste," this make-believe bling seems to be saying.”


All images copyright of artists showcased.

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  1. queensmuseum@queensnyc...January 7, 2012 at 11:55 AM

    wonderful and diverse group. looking forward to checking them all out.

  2. gatsbyeal@gmail.c....January 9, 2012 at 7:05 AM

    Thumbs up to Fredo and Karl. Love their work. Not familiar with Yutaka but will check him out.

  3. sandrati@hotmai....January 13, 2012 at 6:19 AM

    Mr. Ellis;s work is extraordinary, saw the piece at Pulse and really enjoyed it.