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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On the street-Wei Ling Amil

Wei Ling Amil is an artist and curator who is known as a recluse. In her 14 year work span her projects have always been one day events that bring in thousands of spectators, onlookers, and critics. Its difficult to follow her trajectory whether it be artist or curator as she blatantly refuses to acknowledge or work within what she considers technological avenues. Thus Facebook, Twitter and any other social network is non relevant to her. Here lies the issue where its practically impossible to know what she is working on and where her work will be shown. 

Her current project was shown yesterday in a pop up show in Taipei and it focused on minimalism (no photos allowed). The show consisted of stark white walls, stripped floors, and all windows painted white. Everything was crisp and impulsively clean. The space was austere and verged on uncomfortable were it not for the attendees circulating throughout the room. Wei Ling described the work as "modern and filled with light". The work was engaging and ritualistic in a very direct manner. I amongst others will continue to hope to see and be aware of more of her work. And perhaps one day we'll all have the benefit of experiencing Wei Ling's work directly. 

Gabriel Keldon

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